This week on the pod we talk about raising our kids to be bilingual, the start of Major League Baseball, and the Apple/FoxConn/This American Life debacle.

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Saren’s Show Notes

New York Times, “Why Bilinguals are Smarter“.

From “Bilingual Children are Better at Multi-tasking

From NPR: “Speaking Multiple Languages May Help Delay Dementia Symptoms“.

From TED Talks: Patricia Kuhl: The Linguistic Genius of Babies

From Advice on Raising Bilingual Kids


1. Lakers coach Mike Brown did start his career as a Video Coordinator with the Denver Nuggets in 1992, but Tom Thibodeau was never a VC. Sorry Tom.
2. Cincinnati is the smallest TV market in the Major Leagues, 38th nationally. Here is the Nielsen rankings (PDF).

Joe’s propecia online Show Notes

What is Bucket (computing)?

Jamie celebrity porn Moyer career stats.


This milf porn American Life: Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory.

This American Life: Retraction.

From ABC: Apple/FoxConn Nightline Report.

From celeb gossip Freakonomics: (FoxConn) Replacing 500,000 workers with robots over the next three years.

From Reuters: Apple, Foxconn set new standard for Chinese workers

‘Mike Daisey Buster’, Rob Schmitz, Shows How iPads Are celebrity nudes Really Made:

Shout Outs

Red Sox call up: Che Hsuan-Lin