Scouring the web for insights into celebrity porn fatherhood, we leave no stone unturned, including gems uncovered at second-rate humor magazines late at night when our judgement is obviously impaired.

Cracked Magazine

One of my favorite issues ever: Sweathogs at the Beach and a bonus Fonzi iron-on

Growing up in Indiana in the seventies, the kids I wandered around town with all had a thing for comics, magazines, and, oddly, satire. The majority were Mad Magazine kids, which as cool. But personally, I didn’t really want to run with the majority, so I declared myself to be a Cracked Magazine kid – the only one in the posse – having found an odd kindship with Sylvester P. Smythe, probably because we shared the same initials. It was here that I began to firmly establish my “alternative” credibility, in this case, amongst the other faculty brats in the local college bookstore.

The occasional boobies that could be found in National Lampoon matured us all away from illustrated satire – and into the R rated movie – and I lost track of Cracked. A couple of decades later, still fueled by the nostalgia from that time, I followed their erratic, on-again, off-again relaunch in 2007 – which tanked – and then picked them up again when they moved 100% online later in the same year. And of late, there has been a lot of good nuggets to be found on their site, and I still follow links from Digg or Reddit whenever they bubble up.

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